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Specializing in the sale, rental, repair and tuning of accordions since 1994, it was only natural that I created the workshop-store New Deal. Creator of the brand accordions Gadji, I deliver in the world.

A few important dates :

- One-year training in the Cavagnolo factory in Beynost (France)
- Tuner on Reunion Island from 2002 to 2005
- Tuner of Bertrand Gaillard’s accordions since 2003
- Departmental price of the Craft Dynamics (“French Local Award of Craftwork Creation”), November 2005
- 2009 : creation of a jazz accordion in collaboration with Marcel Loeffler
- 2012 : Depositary accordions Castagnari.
- 2014 : Depositary accordions free bass Bugari.
- 2015 : Depositary accordions free bass Pigini.
Repair training midi musictech.

After-sales service

I offer a personalized follow-up of your accordion needs, advices, maintenance, tuning, repairing…


Buy an accordion confidently with advice and an essay in peace is essential for a successful purchase, I am here to answer your expectations.
For any order or purchase bound for Dom / Tom, the possibility of a fee payable upon clearance of u is not excluded. To know the going rate, I invite you to check with your customs.



Stéphanie Simon


Opinion from clients and friends

I am very happy to read your comments ; please feel free to leave a message, and I will answer without delay.

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